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Buy this lint remover roller at a special price of only Rs 447 from goodlife. This super sticky roller is durable and will stay this way for many years.lent-155x110


How to get the Offer:

Details of the Product

This super sticky roller from Zegna will stay that way for years of effortless use. Use it over and over again on virtually any surface. Once you are done, simply rinse under warm water and store for later use. This large sized roller is the perfect size for furniture, drapery, inside your car and more. It comes complete with a telescoping extension handle so you can easily reach anywhere it is needed.

This amazing lint roller makes it faster and easier than ever to clean up lint, hair, dust and more from almost any surface. It is just as sticky as those traditional style rollers, but you can just rinse it clean after you are done using it instead of buying a new one, or replacing the roll with a refill. Keep clothes, carpets, upholstery and curtains free of dust, lint, fuzz, dirt, pet hair and more. Use this lint roller to quickly remove unsightly messes easily and efficiently. This large size is great for quickly cleaning a bathroom floor, removing fur from your dog’s bed or favorite resting spot, taking lint off of large areas of clothing and more. Anyone would love this roller, but pet lovers can’t live without it. Don’t let dog or cat hair control your life when you could use this roller to pick it up in a flash. Get this environmentally friendly lint and hair roller to make cleaning light debris super easy, and less time consuming.

Product Features:

  1. Quickly cleans clothes, furniture, curtains, pillows, carpets and floors.
  2. Removes lint, hair, dust, thread, pet hair and more easily and quickly.
  3. Quick and Convenient Cleaning.
  4. Washable and Reusable.
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