Combo of Compact Purse Hangar at just Rs 255

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Now you no longer have to leave your expensive handbags on the floor and damage them. You can grab this attractive and useful compact purse hangar at a discounted price of Rs 255 only.



Setting your fashion on the floor is not an option. The grime and germs found on floors can damage your fashion and spread filth all over your household.

The solution is a purse hanger that can suspend your fashion from tables and other surfaces. This guide will walk you through the use and design of purse hangers.

How to Use

  • Remove from case.
  • Twist head 90 degrees.
  • Hang hanger from the edge of a table.
  • Suspend your handbag from the portion of the hanger below the table.



The dimensions of a purse hanger are critical to its utility. The hanger’s overall height and width determine how much space the device will use while stowed in your purse. The size of the opening is the key factor in a hanger’s versatility. You probably haven’t taken a tape measure with you so you could measure the thickness of the tables in your favorite restaurants. We’ve done the research for you. The openings of our hangers are designed to work with the vast majority of table tops. Our hangers are deep enough to even work with table tops with rounded (beveled) edges.

In order to protect your hanger, and the contents of your purse, always carry it in its protective case or pouch.

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How to Buy Combo of compact purse hangar at Rs 255


Foldable Bag Hanger, Bag Hook, Bag Holder, Purse Holder

Which woman has not struggled as to where to keep the purse or handbag at restuarants, meetings and other occasions? Sling it over back of chair? Too vunerable. Keep it in your lap? Too akward. Place it on the floor? Probably not!

With the Vallet Table Bag Holder, hanging has been made very easy. This stylish foldable purse/bag hook with magentic closure elegantly embelished with blue stone, makes a style statement. This purse hook offers a pleasant way to hang your purse/bag almost anywhere. It parks your purse convieninetly on any tabletop. The 2/4 ” metal hanger drops under the table providing a hook for cutly hanging your purse.

No more worries now, you can keep an eye on your purse-where ever and when ever.

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